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Book 2: The mirror and the room

This book (in French) has not yet been translated into English.

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Estefania takes one step forward, her heart beating. The wooden floor squeaks and creaks. The room is dim, lit by the poor daylight that filters through half-closed curtains. The room is bare, except for old and filthy bookshelves that could have been through wars, and a desk buried under cobwebs and the ravages of time. And there, hanging on the left wall, an old mirror broken at its centre, where now gleam eerie shimmering lights...






A young girl of 11 when we first meet her. She has messy black hair, an olive-skinned face, and brown eyes full of determination and mockery. Lively, curious, intelligent, she grew up in Africa, in Zaire, at her guardian's who she lovingly calls Uncle Raïm.
Her biological parents died during a bloody looting. In 1993, when pillaging disturbs the quietness of their neighbourhood again, Uncle Raïm takes Estefania away from her dear Zaire: he once promised her parents to protect her, whatever happens. It is how she discovers, for the very first time, the mysterious island of Perevy — Land of the Single Orbs, and gets passionate about the Arena legend, a legend that fascinates as much as terrifies the island's inhabitants.

Uncle Raïm

Uncle Raïm, born in 1953, has been young Estefania's guardian since her parent's death. He is from Zaire, but, first and foremost, he is a man whose past is clouded in mystery. One calls him a thief, a liar, or even a killer. However, he gives Estefania all the love he can, assuming both the roles of father and mother. Tall, heavily built, Raïm is dark-skinned, and keeps his head clean-shaven.


Zadig, 12, is the "chosen" sister of Estefania, and a newcomer to the second episode of our heroine's adventures. Zadig is a strong believer, and an orphan. She is really supportive to Estefania, and wants to find her place in her new family.


Gentle and soft-hearted, Mwindu is Estefania’s faithful black Labrador. He follows her everywhere, seeing his duty in protecting her, whatever path she takes. He is calm and quiet, and only changes his mood when he feels that his young mistress is in danger.


It is the small lizard of Estefania. It has a green rough skin. Gideon has come to consider the right shoulder of its young mistress his home. Very clever, it is in addition the most solitary of all the saga's animals, and in some cases the only one to distance itself from the situation.


It is Zadig's facetious monkey. It follows her everywhere, and likes to tease Gideon and Budgie. A clown and a charmer, it brings a light atmosphere within the group of animals.


This is Zadig's parakeet. It is also the more determined character of the gang and for it, nothing is impossible. It is Zadig's protector.


In Kinshasa

Miss Agnes

In Kinshasa, she is Estefania's best friend. She is quite tall, and very pretty. She is a genuine person, without pretence, but with frequent mood swings. A lady of the night looking for a new life, Miss Agnes is secretly in love with Uncle Raïm.

Mama Pascaline

Uncle Raïm's best friend in Kinshasa, Mama Pascaline looks after him as she would her own child. A fat woman with red dyed hair, Mama Pascaline owns a hair salon in La Gombe, a rich area in Kinshasa. She is jealous of Miss Agnes, and resolute in turning Estefania into the perfect housewife.

Tonton Skol

The best friend of Uncle Raïm, in Kinshasa. He owns a bar called "Tonton Skol", in La Gombe. His favourite pastimes are women and teaching Estefania new tricks.


In Perevy

Sophia Geiseric

Sophia is the only child of the monarchs of the kingdom of Perevy — Land of the Single Orbs. Ill-tempered, she clashes head-on with Estefania when this one comes to live in the castle, where Uncle Raïm works as a gardener. Sophia is bright, haughty, loyal and rebellious. She has light brown hair, long and curly, and large steel-blue eyes sparkling with intelligence.


Laeticja is a lively and charming barmaid of a bit more than 20. A redhead with blue eyes, she is smart and always offers the world a cheerful appearance. Her biggest flaw is to always wanting to know all about everything. She finds herself attracted to Estefania, who intrigues her much more than the Arena legend. Her best friend, Omane Blickle, is her complete opposite. Laeticja works at the Cocktail, the trendiest bar in Dirt.

Omane Blickle

This weird character is Laeticja's best friend. Mysterious, secretive, Omane Blickle is tall and slim. Always clad in black, he is pale, with a six-day beard and long black hair down to the nape of his neck. He is fond of setrickse, Perevians' favourite liquor.


Ruv is Uncle Raïm's best friend in the island of Perevy. The king's gardener, he shares this task with Uncle Raïm during wintertime. A great observer of human nature, wise and always of good advice, he takes the place of a godfather in Estefania's heart.


She is one of the youngest twaddies (servants) of the castle of Perevy. Of Asian origin, Misty is a bit plump, has long dark hair that she always wears up in a bun, and loves eating - a bit too much. She will be of great support to Estefania when the later is ordered by Sophia to stay in the castle.

Lillon Geiseric

Sixth king of Perevy in a bit more than half a century, Lillon is a cold and haughty sovereign. He concentrates on his function and doesn't really care about his only daughter Sophia. Lillon Geiseric wants to leave his mark on his country's history. He is tall, with an athletic built, and has steel-blue eyes and blond hair.

Aresio Arena

Of Italian origin, and private counsellor to the king of Perevy, he is in his late forties. He is married to Casanda, a gorgeous woman also of Italian origin. The tragedy that struck the couple in the early 80s is at the root of the Arena legend, one of the most terrifying legends to have arisen in the island of Perevy. Aresio has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and black hair reaching the nape of his neck. An ambiguous character, he constantly oscillates between his moral and familial duties.

Captain Ben Huck

Ben Huck is Barrel police captain. Very early in life he built a passion for the job of policeman, and above all he likes helping people. He has black thick hair, and an imposing belly. A nice guy, honest, he nevertheless has a dark side that he keeps fighting.