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Log 2009-2010

Summer 2008

That’s what's called... going nuts. LOL! More seriously: as it has been the case with each episode of the saga, my haircut follows my mood while I write. And this year, for the third instalment, that’s very very short and black, Rihanna style. Book 3 is darker, more unsettling... more disturbing.

January - September 2009

Along year 2009 I continue writing the third book of the Arena saga. By day, preferably. For certain parts of the novel are quite perturbing, and that has a detrimental influence on my dreams by night. No surprise then that, because a quite chaotic year 2009, book 3 becomes even grimmer through the rewriting process.
In autumn 2009, the novel is completed. The manuscript is quite thick, it contains more pages that I imagined it will.
The publication of the novel is planned for September 2010. But we all now how nice plans go...

October 2009

The novel has been copyrighted. As planned, I give a copy to my best friend for a first reading, since her opinion is the one which really counts. Then three weeks of frantic waiting and impatience while waiting for her feedback...
Positive! Though she warns me that this third book is very disturbing and could trigger some reactions. Yet this is the creative option of this episode. I am ready to launch its production.

January 2010

The book’s production is launched. Thanks to my part-time job, I’ve got enough to produce this third instalment, two years after book 2. I re-contact my dream-team so we can begin to work anew. Like the other times, we work on a shoestring, but good will and talent do the trick.
I’m so excited. And while book 3 is in production, I start writing the fourth episode, which I hope to have produced in December 2010. Well, that’s the plan anyway... plans, again! LOL.

February 2010

Plans sometimes might be, say,... screwed up. That’s what I quickly realise. Year 2010 will prove one of the most hectic and productive year I ever had until now. The high pace simply never slows down. Projects build up, as well as various experiences, and between my job, singing lessons, book 3 production and book 4 writing, I can barely find time to sleep.

March 2010

My meeting with Pascale Hody and our discussions give me inspiration for the teaser of the saga’s third episode. Work keeps going on this front. I decide to wait a bit longer before calling on board the website team, so to have a bit of cash at hand and be able to correctly plan things.

April 2010

With my current animator we work on the new website architecture. At the view of Jürg’s drawings for the trailer that I just received, the animator proposes that he animates the whole trailer. He ensures me he will have time enough for doing everything. I doubt that a bit, but he is so enthusiastic that I let myself be convinced.

May 2010

We meet with the website team to agree on a new structure for the site. But I’m adamant on one point: there will be no photo of me on the website. So we agree on a compromise: it will be a cartoon! And I’m very excited at the idea of discovering the final result!

June 2010:

This month I’m due to discover the first animated images for the trailer. But things do not go as planned. A bit annoyed, I postpone the meeting until summer for the book’s release is close. We have to move on...

Summer 2010

Along summer 2010, I complete the writing of the saga’s fourth episode. But that’s almost the only positive thing that happens that summer.

Autumn 2010

In September 2010, nothing being ready, I take the decision to delay the publication of book 3, after another postponement. From September we move back to October. And from October to November... until reaching year 2011.

At the beginning of 2011, after a couple of other postponements (but beautiful animations for trailer 3), a new direction need to be put in place for episodes 3 and 4 to come to life at last... And I’m longing for that!!! :D